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Conscious Eating: HOW You Eat is as Important as WHAT You Eat (Tip 3 of 3)

Here’s my third and final tip about conscious eating.

Before you eat, it’s very important to center yourself. The idea of centering yourself is getting yourself really present in the moment. Before you put anything in your mouth, try to take deep breaths and put yourself in the present moment.
One more thing that I really recommend on top of taking deep breaths is saying some sort of blessing. Acknowledging where the food came from, acknowledging how long it took to get there, acknowledging the history, the people, the energy, the life that went into making the food possible. There’s so much beautiful energy and so much effort that went into making that incredible food possible for you, that it would be disrespectful to just stuff it in you.
When you take that moment to breathe and bless your food, you become a much more conscious eater.

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