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How to Be Your Own Therapist

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about my book “Extraordinary You.”

This is the first book that I wrote and, originally, it was titled “Be Your Own Therapist” because, as a therapist, I help people master their lives from the inside out.
What that really boils down to is learning how to deal with our feelings and thoughts, because they create our behaviors and actions in life.
If you think of what’s going on inside of you as a blueprint for your life, and if you look at your life’s circumstances, and they’re not where you want to be, rather than try to change the external things, it’s really important to focus on figuring out how to address the internal, the blueprint. If you don’t change the blueprint, other things in your life don’t actually change.
These are the core principles that I actually use in sessions with clients. I took all of my nuggets out of my head, and I put them onto paper so that you could do for yourself what I do in session with clients. It integrates psychotherapy, coaching, mindfulness, and meditation, and gives you all the tools necessary to master your life from the inside out.

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