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Picture this…
You are at work. You are trying desperately to get through one email, and then another five pop up. You frantically remember the items on your “to do list” that are getting ignored, and hurry to take care of whatever tasks are being asked of you, so you can get to your own objectives. Not to mention, you are simultaneously trying to follow up on the items that you delegated to someone else, since you require them in order to address your next task, but your colleague is not responding to your emails. Any possibility you feel frustrated, stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? Likely. Why? No control. Too many opinions, requests, and objectives being thrown at you simultaneously.
Here’s a tip: Work on each task as you planned for rather than reacting to the chaos. Whenever something new arises, add it to your plan. This will help you feel clear headed, focused and up for the challenge.

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