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What is the significance of major life barriers?

What are major life barriers? Where do they originate?
Major life barriers are in fact where your powerful testimony lay.  Go deep into each major life barrier as overcoming it will allow you to speak powerfully and authentically.
Major life barriers can originate from major or seemingly minor* traumatic life events: for example, a major life changing event could be a car accident, disease diagnosis, sexual victimization; a minor event could be a life defining comment from a parent or loved one, a poor performance at a major event, the denial of an object or thing of significance. These major and minor events, for many people, can morph into full-fledged obstacles towards living an authentic, whole and full successful life.
What is the significance of major life barriers?
Major life barriers are significant because they can limit you in life.  They can be a source of your inner critic, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs and a whole host positive energy drainers.
I believe that confronting these major life barriers is no small feat.  Each barrier carries with it psychic energy and often times deep pain.  A release of this pain and energy with the help of a counselor or a coach is often necessary for acknowledgement, acceptance and release.  The three-step process is powerful and life-altering because you are now changing your energetic relationship to an event in your life, an event which more times than not, has morphed into something with much larger significance than even you may perceive it to hold.
A life coach or trained counselor can assist you in changing your relationship to the major life barriers in your life.  The beautiful thing about working with a life coach is that once your relationship to the major life barriers has shifted, you can now work with you coach to take action towards living through that which once held you back.  Your coach will not only work with you to identify your major life barriers, but will also encourage you, nudge you and support you in moving past the power that this barrier once held.
Do you have a major life barrier? Does it hold you back from speaking authentically, powerfully?

*Minor events, from viewpoint a subjective or objective, can seem minor—eg. a poor performance in a play as a five-year old, and subsequent negative comments from a parent—yet carry with you through your adult life and morph into obstacles.

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