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Catalina Abello

I was immediately captivated by the first page of this book. It starts off with a poem called The Guest House which describes being human as being a kind of guest house awaiting a new “guest” (happiness, sadness, good news, bad news) every day, in my case, every minute or every hour…my emotions run on a constant high.

This book is the prime example of how to find your feelings within yourself, or at least that is how I took it, because that is what it has been helping me do. It is a guide to help you navigate through everything you feel and how to become more aware of what you feel and more importantly, it has shown me how to be more accepting of all my feelings.


As a psychologist, I am constantly reminded that our feelings effect most every aspect of our lives, yet so few people were ever taught how to handle them in a healthy way. I’m so impressed with how the author creates such a clear road-map for how to deal with uncomfortable feelings. If you have stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, self-doubt or any challenging feelings, this is the perfect guide to “be your own therapist” and learn how to handle life from the inside out. Truly a must-read for all! I am going to start giving it to all my clients!

Semhal araya

What is our inner dialogue? What do we say to yourself? How do you deal with unaddressed emotions and how do these feelings impact your life? This book provides the tools to work through your feelings/emotions on a regular basis which empowered me. At first, I thought “well of course…” but when I read it again with more intent – it became clear. The author isn’t preachy which was important to me. I have become a huge fan – now I start my day with her meditations and have joined her mailing list for weekly learning.


I became aware of this author from her speaking engagements and podcasts interviews, and figured it was time to get her book. Since I am a huge fan of Eckhart Tolle, and I knew that she was too, I was curious how this Columbia University trained psychotherapist was going to integrate her spiritual background & studies of consciousness with her psychological training. I was extremely impressed with how she mapped out a clear road map of the inner experience. I realized things about myself that I never realized before, and got new strategies that I had never considered.

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