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How can I handle my fear of being judged?

Fear of being judged is such a common theme. And it’s really unfortunate because people spend so much of their life figuring out how to portray themselves so that they are perceived in a certain way to avoid being judged.
When it comes down to it, we all want to be liked. The more accepting that we are of ourselves the more we can present the good and bad sides of ourselves honestly. When you know, love, and accept yourself, it becomes easier for you to actually let other people see you too.
If others then want to judge you, it is their problem for feeling the need to judge. Often others are doing that because they are putting others down to try to put themselves up. When you yourself love all that you are, the need to be perfect or portray yourself as perfect falls by the wayside. The idea of being someone you are not becomes unnecessary. If others continue to judge you, know that that’s their stuff, people judge each other, that’s what they do. It is your job to live your full truth, which is actually perfect and love-able, and worthy of being seen and being known. The more comfortable you are with that truth the more comfortable you are with people knowing the real you.

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