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"How can we use courage to surpass our fears?"

This was a question Coach Colette, and eight others were asking themselves at the Winter Rejuvenation Workshop on Saturday, Feb 11th.
Having written their fears on a wooden board, they honored their fears, bowing to them, and then were invited to break through them – literally.
Coach Colette describes her anticipation: “I was the first volunteer; so in addition to the fears I had written on the board, I also had performance anxiety chattering in my head … “What if I don’t break the board? Will they laugh at me? Will I de-motivate everyone else?” Not to mention, will I break my hand?!”
Each participant found that it was much easier than they thought to break through the board, and learned that the power of any fear is likewise only exaggerated in the mind.
It was all a part of a 5 section sequence of activities to explore a journey through different parts of the self, such as mind, body, heart, and spirit.
To learn more about Coach Colette’s experience, read her article: “How I broke through my fears – Literally.”
What is one fear you can overcome today by taking a bold action?

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