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How to Feel Less Anxious

Everyone talks about the importance of being grateful, but no one tells you how to actually do it.
Here’s my unusual, yet truly helpful tip.

Say “so what.”
So what if my kids want to wear their pajamas to school, so what if I’m late, so what if my boss gets angry… whatever your “so what” is. Whatever it is that you are fearing, that you are anxious about, uncomfortable with, or that causes drama in your head – say “so what.”
Because, in the grand scheme of things, when you realize that this moment could be your last and that every moment you have is a gift, it puts life into perspective, and you realize that small, everyday things don’t actually matter.
This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do these things, and that they don’t matter in our life, but that the amount of anxiety, pressure, fear, and discomfort that we put on ourselves for something that is insignificant, doesn’t do anyone a service. It does us all a big disservice.
So, hopefully, you find that helpful. Say “so what.”

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