This one is near and dear to me… How to be kinder to ourselves?

I’ve recently been thinking about this… When I witness my daughter, she’s so joyful. She’s almost three and she’s so full of light, love, and purity. She’s so easy to love when she’s in that state. When I think of that child and how easy she is to love, and how pure she is, all of a sudden I realize that I’m that child, and that you’re that child, and that we’re all those children. But, somehow, we get muddied and we forget that. We judge, we compare, we criticize, and we disconnect from that essence.

So in order to really get better at loving ourselves, it’s important to realize that we are those innocent, pure beings of light that deserve nothing more than to be loved and accepted.

Jasmin Terrany, LMHC

Jasmin Terrany, LMHC has a Skype based private practice empowering women who appear to have it yet still feel unsatisfied on some level. She helps women access their ultimate potential and take their lives to the next level in every realm. Jasmin is a Columbia University graduate and licensed psychotherapist who invented Life Therapy, the combination of psychotherapy & coaching with mindfulness & meditation.