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My First Book :)

I am truly excited and humbled to join Marianne Williamson and Danielle LaPorte as a contributing author in the best-selling Adventures in Manifesting Book Series. As a first time author, it is an honor to have my personal story shared on pages next to women I so deeply respect.
In this book “Love and Oneness”, I wrote about my personal heartaches and lessons while on my journey to finding my true love, my husband. I found it surprisingly therapeutic to be so vulnerable and raw with my feelings and experiences, and I hope that you will gain some value from my story. I trust that this book will touch your heart in whatever way you need it most. I feel grateful to have been part of it and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing. 🙂
Here’s part of the intro…

My Quest to Find True Love: The Fundamental Five Connections
Jasmin Terrany, LMHC

….What Are My Patterns?
The number of fashion models I’ve dated is just silly. Regardless of where I was or who I was with, if I was single and there was a gorgeous man in the room, it was his attention I wanted. He was my conquest. I would feel pride in myself when somehow my flirty eye-contact and shy smile would get him to walk his handsome self in my direction. When it eventually came out that he was, in fact, beautiful for a living, I added a check mark to the tally in my head…..
You can now purchase the book here.

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