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Quiz: How Stressed Are You?

Quiz: How Stressed Are You?

Rate your experience against each category of stress symptoms in the following list.
1 = Rarely   2 = On occasion   3 = Often   4 = A lot lately
_____ Irritability, nervous temperament, moodiness, short temper, or aggressiveness
_____ Lack of enthusiasm or neglect of responsibilities
_____ Difficulty to relax, concentrate, focus, or remember
_____ Poor health, body aches, pains, indigestion, constipation, nausea, etc.
_____ Increased eating, drinking, or substance use, trouble sleeping
_____ Nervous habits: fidgeting, foot tapping, nail biting, giggling, etc.
_____ Frustration, cynicism, paranoia, distrust or worry
_____ Feeling of loneliness, withdrawal from friends and family
_____ Reluctance to express opinions, feeling of being “used” by others
_____ Increased sensitivity, feeling overwhelmed
_____ Indecisiveness, poor judgment, unwillingness to take risks, impatience
_____ Blaming self for problems, evoking past upset, demanding attention, aggressiveness
_____ Feeling lack of control and authority, pressure to yield to demands
Assess Your Level of Stress
Tally up your scores and rate yourself on the following scale.

  • 18 or lesser indicates a normal level of stress. Stress is an essential part of existence.
  • 19 to 25 indicate that you may be facing a downward spiral. The temporary hardships you are experiencing may intensify your level of stress if you do not address their causes as soon as possible.  Professional support would be helpful.
  • 26 to 34 indicate significant level of stress. Carefully address everything that bothers you and consider changes to your lifestyle and inner balance.  Seek professional support.
  • 35 or greater indicates potentially serious consequences to your wellbeing. Seek medicinal and/or professional help as soon as possible.

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