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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: An Alternative to Competing with People

I just read this article by Sonya Derian that I found interesting.  Here’s the condensed version!

  • In comparing ourselves to others, we often end up judging ourselves.
  • How often do we compare ourselves with someone less fortunate than us and consider ourselves blessed? More often, we compare ourselves with someone who we perceive as being, having or doing more.
  • Instead of training the mind to stop comparing altogether, why not simply redirect the comparison to a past and a present self—and keep the comparison within?
  • What are you doing today that you couldn’t have done 5, 3 or even 1 year ago?
  • How have you continued to become a new and improved version of yourself?
  • Think about the faulty logic. Take, for example, an introvert who feels energized after periods of solitude. What does she get by comparing herself to a gregarious, outgoing personality who gets bored by an hour alone with herself?
  • Take any one of our perpetual comparisons and question the logic. Most are completely irrational in their reasoning.

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