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Did You Know the Average Person Lies 11 Times a Week?

Did you know the average person lies 11 times a week? This statistic really shocked me. This Huffington Post article made some really good points that very much relate to my Ask Jasmin video:

Here’s the cycle… When we lie we aren’t aligned with our truth. We lie out of fear. When we live in fear we are uncomfortable in our own skin… When we don’t deal with psychological discomfort directly it comes out in our physical health…
Try practicing complete honesty for a week and see how it feels!

TED Talk – Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

I once did a silent meditation retreat for 10 days straight. The focus of the meditation was solely on sensations in the body. After a few days of only meditating, with no talking, reading, writing, exercising or ANYTHING, it became clear that my thoughts and feelings shifted regardless of external circumstance (since there was nothing happening). Sometimes I was happy, sometimes I was sad, sometimes angry etc., and the deeper I got into the meditation the more I realized the connection between my emotions and the actual sensations in my body. For this reason, parts of this Ted talk really resonated with me. I found Cuddy’s experiment particularly fascinating. What a great concept to test the feelings that come from powerful body language vs. weak. I think Chinese medicine relates to these concepts too… can anyone shed some more light the science of all this?

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