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How can I lessen my "emotional baggage"?

Picture this…
You are leaving work; walking down the street, sitting on the subway, wherever. Your mind is racing a mile a minute. You are recounting all of the different things that happened that day; thinking about ways in which you could have written that email better, wondering why this person didn’t respond, remembering all of the people you didn’t respond to, planning your next steps, whatever. Continue reading “How can I lessen my "emotional baggage"?”

How Can We Reframe Our Minds to Shape a Great Life?

This is a contribution by Guest Blogger Angela Brizant Layne.
When I think about a frame, I think about a rectangular object constructed to hold a picture or painting. One doesn’t see the edges of this picture extending beyond the bounds of the frame; everything is contained within a discreet space with specific parameters. Growing up, I was socialized with nothing but familial and societal clues on where my boundaries started and ended. Not only was I a female child who would grow into a woman, but I was also born Black, thus doubly burdened. I watched my mother, grandmother, aunts, and cousins exist in a world where they seemed strong enough to handle any trial, tribulation, or obstacle and come out on top. Why then did these phenomenal women always have a sense of sadness in their eyes? What were their dreams, hopes, and desires? Continue reading “How Can We Reframe Our Minds to Shape a Great Life?”

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