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8 Steps to Attracting the Love of Your Life – Step 4: Current Tendencies

How do you think your relationship role models and your relationships with your parents have influenced your current relationship tendencies? What are the tendencies that you would like to improve? (Examples of common tendencies: guarded, judgmental, needy, never satisfied, avoidant, not deserving of love etc.)

8 Steps to Attracting the Love of Your Life – Step 2: Parent/Child Dynamics

Reflection: Parent/Child Dynamics (15 minutes)

For the next 15 minutes write freely about your relationships with your parents/guardians from when you were growing up. Examples: What are some of your fondest memories? What are some of your most difficult memories? What are common feelings you had towards your parents? What did you feel from them? Did you feel loved, accepted? Could you share your thoughts and feelings with your parent (s)? Why or why not? What were things about yourself that you knew that you could not share with them? Why?

8 Steps to Attracting the Love of Your Life – Step 1: Relationship Role Models

Reflection: Relationship Role Models (15 minutes)

For the next 10 minutes write freely about the relationships “role models” in your life. Regardless of whether they were pleasant or not, discuss all that you observed between your parents, guardians etc. Discuss your feelings as a child when observing those dynamics. This is only for you, no one else will read this, be open and honest. For the last 5 minutes review what you wrote and underline areas that you think are significant to your life now.

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