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Weather Report: Mood Swings of Mother Nature!

I was watching the weather channel the other day and it loudly exclaimed “The Mood Swings of Mother Nature!”  Right then it really hit me that our own internal mood swings are really just like those of mother nature.

It isn’t always a sunny day. Sometimes its rainy, cold, snowy etc.  This is what makes the world balanced.  It simply wouldn’t function if it was always a sunny, beautiful, perfect day.  Just like the human experience.
It doesn’t always feel happy inside us. Sometimes we feel sad, lonely, angry, frustrated, stressed etc, and this is what makes us balanced too. Unfortunately our society suggests that those feelings are “bad”  and there is something wrong with us if they are in there.  Clearly they don’t feel good, the same way a snow storm can be a pain, but they are part of the perfection of being human.   The real issue isn’t that we have “bad” feelings.  The issue is that we reject, dislike and get frustrated with our “bad” feelings which adds fuel to the fire and intensifies our negative experience.  What would it be like to accept and soothe “bad” feelings? Similar to pouring some water over the flames?

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