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What is Life Therapy?

“A Gym and Sauna for the Mind and Heart”
Have you ever heard someone say, “I don’t need to exercise, I will be fit forever”?  Not likely.
Somehow we realize the importance of time, effort and maintenance in relation to our physical health, but we, as a society, don’t yet recognize that our psychological and emotional health require the same upkeep.  Our thoughts and feelings shift more rapidly than our waistline, yet most people don’t integrate “a gym and sauna for the mind and heart” into their lives.
Think about it…. Our internal state directly affects everything.  Our work, friendships, family dynamics, significant relationships, dating life and physical health are all completely dependent on what is going on inside us in a given moment. So why does society suggest that it’s the opposite?  “If we get the best job, body, friends, family and significant other, THEN we will feel good on the inside.” Clearly having those things doesn’t hurt, and I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t strive to have them all, but  when we depend on external factors to feel good within, then what happens if they are no longer there?  (More often than not, we are still stuck with ourselves and the uncomfortable feeling of the empty space they once occupied.)
So what do we do? Just because we realize it is important to tend to our hearts and minds, it doesn’t mean we actually know how to do so.  Exercise and eating healthy have become the unmistakable ways to take care of the body, yet we haven’t standardized the way to take care of our mind and heart.
This is what Life Therapy is all about.  It is a gym for our mind and a sauna for our heart; an opportunity to allocate the time for an “inner work out.” It is a time to pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that affect our lives, an opportunity to learn techniques that strengthen the parts of ourselves that enhance our lives (self confidence, wisdom, etc.) and develop strategies to release the parts that hold us back (stress, anxiety, sadness,difficulties with relationships, body image, etc).  It’s a direct path to feeling empowered, uplifted, balanced, calm, joyful and full of love. Now what’s better than that? I haven’t been able to come up with anything…. Next: The Stigma of Therapy: True or False?

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