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What are some tips for better communication?

When talking to a loved one about a difficult situation or circumstance, it’s really important to take a step back, to understand how what you say might impact them, to make sure you are coming from a loving place.
It’s also important that you are not trying to prove something or trying to make the other person wrong. Oftentimes when people are communicating they are more concerned about “being right” than actually solving anything.
Your intention in a conversation should be to lovingly share and to listen to what is going on. I really love the analogy of the elephant with four blind men who are touching different parts of the elephant : tail, trunk, ear etc. And they all have different perceptions of the truth of what an elephant is.
Often times in life, we are in conflict because we misunderstand each other and don’t see all sides. What’s most important in communication is to go to all the sides and be willing to see how both experiences can exist simultaneously and that we all have a different part of the truth.

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