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Unshaped Destiny

What brought me to this page today, to the understanding I have of myself in this moment, and to you as you read these words?
With a sensitive soul, a compassionate heart, and a curious and questioning mind, I am on the path of following my bliss, becoming my truest self, and living in alignment with my passion in order to make the best and brightest contribution I can make in this world. I firmly believe that we each have a mission in this world and it is up to us in the time that we have to uncover that purpose and express it freely in each step of its unfolding.
My own journey towards feeling, giving, receiving, and being in “love” and of “service” has led me from leading spiritual retreats, to chanting mantras in a packed temple; from working with the homeless and with challenged youth, to building pathways in the Costa Rican jungle; from filming cross-cultural workshops in France to teaching yoga and creative movement; and from an empty heart full of longing, to one full of hope and belief.
In all my various work and experiences, which have included waitressing and many administrative roles as well as those people-oriented jobs which I found more fulfilling, the common thread has been to connect with others on their journeys despite our differences, and in fact, forging strong bonds because of our differences.
I have poured my heart, my time, my energy into each endeavor, growing from each one, and taking lessons with me from my work, and more importantly, from the relationships formed in the process. Reflecting back on your own doings- do they align with your being? How can we continue to align our life with our loves?
For now- we can simply be sure that it’s time for something new. We might not be sure what. We certainly may not even be sure of how. But, I encourage you to hold on to the determination to plant ideas, believe in them, nourish them, and run with them.
Be determined to dig deeper than ever into the crevices of your most poignant desires. Personally, I am on a mission to be more self-affirming through an abundance of self-love, more confident in the power of my dreams, more fulfilled in the process of reaching them, and more delighted in the dance of an unshaped destiny.
In some ways, my journey has always been what I sought, in others, it’s a journey only now beginning to reveal itself through my recognition of the quest.  I invite you to come along for the ride, to explore your own journey, and to embark together into the unknown to search for a truth which can not be discovered, but only, created.
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