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Why do we judge others?

Often we judge others because our “love tank” is empty, and because we are not feeling good about ourselves. And often we think that when we put others down we will then feel up. This gives us a false sense of importance by thinking that we are “better than” someone else.
If you notice, when you put someone down, ultimately you are sitting with negativity and judgment. You are not actually loving and accepting yourself for who YOU are. You are trying to use a comparison to feel better about yourself, but it doesn’t work in the end.
Actually, the people who really seem to love and take care of themselves the best are actually the ones who are least judgmental and are least inclined to say something bad about other people. They are more accepting of their own flaws and know that others have their own flaws too.
In sum, we judge others when we haven’t learned to accept and take care of our own insecurities. When we are comfortable with who we are as a whole, we will be more understanding, forgiving, and compassionate towards others as a result.

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