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We the seasons do here by proclaim…

We the seasons do here by proclaim,
Windstorms, snow and rain.
Whereby, we bathe you in the summer sunrays of a Sunday,
Whereby, we bring down amber autumn colored leaves in the September breeze,
Whereby, we call forth the Nordic gods to heave swirls of snow and sleet,
Whereby, in spring, we sprinkle showers to
wet the breast of callow chicks at rest in their mother’s nest
We hereby call forth the souls of the people hidden on equator’s limen.
We hereby beckon all these beings of light,
To the warmest parts of the globe
To the curviest part of the Earth
To stand on your individual equators and
Be warmed by the heat of your own being.
We welcome you and to you we present this new season: Spring
By: Hakeem Rahim

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