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What are you supposed to do with difficult emotions?

Difficult emotions are not fun or enjoyable. They are painful, hurt, are uncomfortable and we don’t like to deal with them. However, they are part of the wholeness that we are and of our human experience. If we don’t address and take care of them properly, then they come out in other ways.
Anger is a good example of this. I think of anger as being not a pure emotion in and of itself. Rather, it is a response to pain and hurt. If you have a lot of pain and are holding it in, it can come out as anger. I believe that if you really deal with the vulnerability that comes with your pain, you might not even have the need to express anger.
Ultimately, our difficult emotions are kind of like a child. If you think of a crying baby whose upset, you wouldn’t yell at them and say “what’s wrong with you?” “you shouldn’t be upset?” because you won’t help anything if you treat them that way. Instead you should soothe them, hug them, and let them know they are okay and that this will pass.
It’s important to likewise handle our darkness and difficult emotions with that same love. Because we are often so mean to our own inner child and we abuse it instead of taking care of it as a loving adult.

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