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What to Do with People who Rub You the Wrong Way

Today I want to talk a little bit about how to get along with people who have different personalities, whether it’s your spouse, your business partner, or a friend.

If you simplify it, people have either feminine energy or masculine energy. Feminine energy and masculine energy does not refer to a man or a woman, but it’s related to soft energy and hard energy. Some people have more masculine energy, while others have more feminine energy.
When people get along, they’re in polarity, which means that the feminine energy and masculine energy come together. But what often happens when we’re not getting along with people is that we’re both coming from the same energy. So you might be good with your significant other because you’re in feminine energy and they’re in masculine energy, and then all of a sudden you’re repelling each other, because you’re both coming from the same energy. We all have both energies.
So pay attention, if you’re out of alignment with someone, or their personality clashes with you, or something’s not going right, think about whether you’re coming at each other with the same energy. Usually, when this happens, both sides have masculine energy that works against one other, and they need to find a way to connect to their softer energy in order to get back into polarity with the person in question.

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