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When You're Not Liking Your Spouse

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about what to do when you don’t like your spouse. The hope is that we still love them, but we don’t always like them.

Sometimes it’s hard, and what it really comes down to is this question: what is going on in their life that’s making them not likable?
Obviously, there were plenty of reasons that made you choose them, that made them awesome, that made them the person that you want to be with. But if for some reason you’re not liking them, and there’s something going on with them that’s making them less likable, rather than judging it, or being annoyed by it, or pointing fingers and blaming them for it, try to have some compassion. Why are they acting a certain way? Are the agitated, are they stressed, are they overwhelmed? Are they sad, are they lonely? What is it that they need?
Stop making it about you. Because when you focus on what you can give, and less on what you need, the chances that they’re going to be more satisfied are higher. And when they’re more satisfied, they are more likely to show up better for you.

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