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Who I Am In The Face Of Death?

Death and the fulfillment of divine order

I truly believe we are in a state of universal change. The universe is fundamentally shifting. All the institutions and entities that provided us with security are now, in many ways, failing us. Because of this shift in security, there are two existential questions we need to ask ourselves one of which is: Who am I? Further elaborated, who am I in the face of the collapse of these things that once provided security? This question is a personal, to be explored by the individual; to be explored in the context of death.
Due to the fundamental shift that humanity/the universe is going through, collectively, we are experiencing many deaths—physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual… Though all of these types of death cause pain, physical death seems to be the most unsettling.

Death is a complex concept and can be seen as so many things

…yet we oft times focus on death as a profoundly sad ending. However if we look again, death can be seen as completion; death can be seen as transition; death can be seen as the fulfillment of one’s divine purpose.
I believe there is divine order in death. I believe that death is a sign of completion and transition. I believe there is purpose in death. I believe that no matter what your age, your death is a sign that you have fulfilled your purpose in this form, on this earth.

I believe even a young person passing away is the fulfillment of divine purpose.

Many say that that person’s life has been “cut short.” But if that person has not died by their own hands, then they have fulfilled their purpose in this form. Even in death they continue to head towards completion and fulfill other purposes. They begin to bring people together; they allow people to emote, people who have not cried, sometimes in their whole lives may begin to release a lifetime of tightly held tears. These tears purify us and cleanse us, giving us room to get back to our quest for fulfillment of our individual purpose and our purpose to humanity.
Death if looked at through a spiritual, universal lens can be understood and seen as a necessary, life-fulfilling transition. We must continually ask ourselves who we are in the face of the unshakeable…
Death is completion. It is up to us to seek perfection in completion. Completion is already perfect. It is up to us to acknowledge it.

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