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Why I Wrote My Book “Extraordinary Mommy”

I’d like to share a little bit about where my book “Extraordinary Mommy” came from.

Essentially, I grew up in a home that was far from ordinary. Many people referred to it as Willy Wonka’s factory. There were hearts on the walls, ice cream sundae paintings, and hot pink leather couches. Every post on the walkway was in a different pastel color, my mailbox was shaped like a big pink heart, and it was all just overflowing with love and deliciousness. All this was based on my mom’s commitment to live from love.
Of all the people I’ve known, of over 60 countries of world travel, of being in private practice for over a decade, and knowing so many stories, I’ve never heard of, and I’ve never come across another parent who parented with such dedication, consciousness, clarity, confidence, joy, ease, and patience. As a child I knew how rare it was, and how special it was. And, yet, I felt a little undeserving, that I just got lucky, that I didn’t earn it, that I didn’t have to do anything to receive it.
And then one day about three years ago, my mom was coming to meet me for lunch and she never showed up. She died in a car accident, and that was it. Needless to say it was the most painful day, year, experience of my life.
An entire year later, on the actual anniversary of her death, my daughter was born. The synchronicity, the beauty, the connectedness of that moment was really what channeled this book, my third child. Essentially, “Extraordinary Mommy” contains the ten golden nuggets that I received from my extraordinary mother. It’s me reflecting, as a new mother and as a psychotherapist, about what are the key things that I need to do. Not how to feed my kids, or how to sleep train them, but how do I need to be, how do I need to show up for them in the way that they need it. Our energy as mothers, and as parents all together, is contagious, and how we show up affects everybody. It affects the entire home. And so, when I started writing this book it was essentially for me, and then I realized that my mother is gone, so that I would find the courage to share.
And so, this is my mission: to let her legacy live on, and to make sure that all kids get the kind of love that I so gratefully received, because what I realized is that not only was I worthy of being loved like that, but all children are. This book is supposed to be in your hands, in the hands of every mother you know, and we’re going to change the world from the next generation, from the home, because that’s where everything begins.
So if you’re interested in getting “Extraordinary Mommy,” which you should be, and everyone should get it, I’m shamelessly promoting it because I do believe that every single person and every single parent needs this book, go to

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