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Feeling Not Enough?

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about feeling not enough.

When we don’t feel good enough, pretty enough, happy enough, whatever enough, it’s important to think about this concept.
The idea of not feeling enough is part of the human condition. It’s not just you who feels that way. Everybody feels that way, and it’s also a really awesome thing when you think about it, because that’s evolution. If we felt good enough all the time, then there would be no reason to grow, there would be no reason to learn, and nothing would happen. All the ways, all the technologies, all the things that have happened, are basically based on the fact that people felt not enough. People always fixed what needed to be better.
So when you think about that, you realize that this “not enough” voice is really there to do you a service, so that you can grow. And you don’t have to see it as you’re actually not enough. You can realize that these thoughts, and all of our thoughts, are like dreams. We don’t actually have control over them. They just happen.
And so, we need to learn how to see that “not enough” thought as an opportunity to grow, and not as a thought that we need to believe because, evolutionary speaking, our mind naturally looks for things and problems to solve.
So solve them, and continue realizing that you are enough, because you’re human. Perfectly imperfect.

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