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What Your Kids Need Most…

Today I have another parenting tip for you.

Put down your phone.
Put down your phone when you’re with your kids. Just because you’re in the room with them, doesn’t mean that you’re giving them your actual attention.
These days we spend more time with our kids than probably ever before, but they need quality time without distractions, as much as they need quantity. When we’re looking at our phones, our kids are feeling like whatever is going on on your phone is more important than they are, and we don’t want them to feel that way.
I keep my phone at “do not disturb” mode, I put in another room, I do whatever I can to not be distracted from my children. Because even if I’m checking the weather, how does that make them feel? Like that thing is more important than they are. And I never want my kids to feel that way, and I don’t want your kids to feel that way either. So when we’re with our kids, we put down the phone.

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