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How to be Successful at Home too

Today I’m going to answer the question: What is my work all about? What is it that I do?

Essentially, I help you have a better home life. I assist you with everything behind closed doors, including your relationships with others and your relationship with yourself.
When we work on relationships with others, we learn how to get on the same page with our partner, how to find a partner, how to attract the love of our life, how to be more patient with our kids, and how to have more intimate, connected relationships with our family and friends. Those relationships are the foundation of our life and if we don’t feel strong in them, no matter what we achieve, there’s an emptiness. The skills needed to build our business are very different than the skills required to have solid, successful relationships.
In addition to having better relationships, we also want to feel better. We live in this world where everybody is stressed, busy, anxious, not sleeping well, and trying really hard to control their diet, or dealing with their body image, or feeling self-doubt and discomfort. I’m here to help you feel better from the inside out, to teach you the skills and strategies necessary to take care of all of those feelings, so that you can feel more grounded, more peaceful, more driven, focused, clear, open, authentic, whatever it is that you need for yourself and for those that you love most.
So that’s what I do, and I do it in a few forms. One is my life therapy virtual practice. I see people via Zoom or phone, and we meet weekly for our regular sessions. The second are my two books: “Extraordinary Mommy” and “Extraordinary You” which are available on my website. “Extraordinary Mommy” is about how to access that deep love that you have for your kid, and to lead with that love, because we often get so caught up in the waves of life, that we don’t show up for the kids in the way they deserve most. “Extraordinary You” is a be-your-own-therapist type of book, where I talk about all of my key, core principles from my sessions, so you can work on it by yourself at a much cheaper cost than meeting with me independently. And the final is my free content, available here on my website, as well as my YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram. Check me out, be connected, be part of the community, and we’ll go from there.

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