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How to Reduce Family Drama

Here’s another parenting tip for you. Today we’re going to talk about drama. This tip is really, really important, and a little deep if you’re ready to go with me.

People don’t like to talk about mortality. It’s a taboo topic. It makes everyone uncomfortable, but it’s real. The only thing that’s guaranteed in this world is that you’re gonna die, and I’m gonna die. That’s it. I’m a beautifully happy positive person, and this is not meant to be negative. It’s just meant to put things in perspective.
When you have that in the forefront of your head, when you know that nothing is guaranteed, that you don’t necessarily get to wake up tomorrow, that your kid doesn’t necessarily get to wake up tomorrow, that this life that you’re given isn’t necessarily gonna be there, that things can just be gone in a moment, then you can live more fully. I know better than anyone, my mom died in a car accident.
When you can live with that awareness and keep mortality right there at the corner of your mind, not to fear it, but to have a bigger perspective of what actually matters, then it doesn’t matter if your kid wants to wear their pajamas to school. You don’t have to create drama out of little, insignificant things, because in the grand scheme of things, none of it matters. So then you can enjoy more, then you can play more, then you can live more, because you know that every moment you get is a gift.
“Today I woke up, how amazing!” Something like that!
So hopefully you found this helpful!

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