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How to Stop Craving Unhealthy Food

Today, I want to talk to you about how to stop craving unhealthy food. This is an interesting one.

We often crave all this stuff that’s not really good for us. So what do we need to do in order to stop wanting these unhealthy foods?
There are two things to consider.
1. Change your beliefs about your food
Changing the way you see food will make you want to eat different things. For example, I personally started to see meat as torture and murder. So, if you see meat as torture and murder, the desire to eat it will be far less. Or if you see a bag of chips and you see it as a factory-made-food, very processed, with chemicals going into it, all of a sudden you wouldn’t want it that much. When you’re thinking about what you’re eating, certain foods don’t look tempting anymore.
2. See healthy and unhealthy foods in different color schemes
Think about fruits and vegetables in vibrant colors. Envision them as alive, full of nutrients, yummy, delicious, feeding-your-soul type of foods. On the other hand, see unhealthy food as processed, and in muted, ugly, icky colors. Seeing foods in different color schemes, actually makes you more attracted to healthy food, rather than unhealthy food.

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