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Tips for Becoming a Parent

Today I’m gonna give you some tips on becoming a parent for the first time.

Tip number one is to embrace change. This is going to be a completely new experience. You’ve never done it before, the kid has never done it before, maybe they have but that’s another conversation. It’s really important to see this as something that you’re not supposed to be good at.
We’re often confident in different realms of our lives and we’re used to feeling confident, but then all of a sudden we’re in this new realm of our life that we haven’t done before, we feel insecure about it, or we don’t know what to do, and that’s okay. So just think of it as traveling to a new city. You wouldn’t expect to know your way around, and you wouldn’t get angry at yourself or your spouse, or whoever, for not knowing where the subway is, or how to go to the grocery store. You’d see it as an adventure, as trying to learn something new, and experience something new.
It’s really important to see parenthood in the same way. This is a new adventure, you’re not supposed to know your way around yet, and you’re supposed to embrace the change of it, so that you don’t feel frustrated, and annoyed at it, but that you can actually enjoy the ups and downs and lefts and rights of all the newness, and all the new adventures to come.

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