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When We Have Different Sex Drives

Today we’re going to talk about sex! Are you ready for this one?

How come your partner wants to have sex more than you do, or neither of you want to, or your sex drives are just not in alignment?
There are few things to think about in this situation. Men and women approach sex differently. We all know this theoretically, but it might be helpful to really consider it. Generally speaking, men think of sex as an opportunity, and women often think of sex as a way to connect.
Men want to use sex as a way to be closer to their woman, but women don’t want to have sex unless they feel close to their man. So, in order to get on the same page, it’s important to realize that men often get turned on by the thought of it, but women often get turned on by the act of it. Because of that, it’s crucial to set an intention for intimacy in a relationship. Just like exercise is the foundation of a good body, intimacy and connection is the foundation of a good relationship.

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